Quarter Horses Breeding, Cape Verde

The reason why we started a QUARTER HORSES stud farm in Sao Vicente in 2006 is a long story. In 1980, in Cape Verde, there were still a few descendants of horses that were used during the Portuguese colonization. Traditionally, in Cape Verde, on festive occasions, horse races were organized by horse owners using sponsorship from local authorities to be able to offer some prize money. When we arrived there in 1983, a small group of amateurs came to see me and asked me if I could help them build some infrastructure in terms of stables and a ring as well as assist them in training and improving the existing breed. They knew I had been an LRV rider and was trained as an instructor.


A year later, we bought two English thoroughbreds, CHAORIE and CRACKER YOU. They were supposed to be the foundation of the further development of the stud farm. Later it became clear that taking this breed to Cape Verde had been a mistake.

  • The crossbreeds were final products and did not pass their qualities on to their descendants.
  • The horses were only used for breeding and were not allowed to take part in tournaments.
  • They have a very nervous character, are too big and are not suitable for walking in the open air and in the mountains.
  • They have very weak feet on the rocky terrain and are very sensitive to colic.
  • They are very hard to handle in primitive transport conditions.

As chance would have it, in 2001, I got in touch with a good friend of mine who had just come back from America. He praised the QUARTER HORSE he got to know and appreciate in Wyoming as part of various tournaments and tests. He said this was really the cowboy's most-have tractor. The horse had strong legs, dry feet, was a moderate eater, no taller than 1.55m, very fast at 400m, had a very obedient and gentle character, suitable for children and beginning riders to go on walks. This was the type of horse we needed for Cape Verde.

In 2006, we bought a mare, WHY SO TARI, the daughter of stallion CATALYST COUNTRY and carrying HOLLYWOOD WRECKLESS, and the stallion ID DUNNIT BY BH, sun of the stallion HC MISTER DUN JAC. Both were bought for the purpose of laying the foundation of our QUARTER HORSES stud farm.

Our aim is to breed a horse that is ideally suited for local horseracing and, at the same time, is a calm walking horse with an appealing appearance which, through its soft character, is a friend to our children.
This is why we offer our foals for sale, so that equestrian sports in Cape Verde can soon prosper again.

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